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We have extensive experience in EMC problem solving and design correction often to more stringent requirements such as those sought by automotive/aerospace manufacturers.  We have the necessary equipment to conduct pre-compliance testing to ensure a first time pass before submitting the product to a certified test house.  Where CE marking, FCC, and UL certification can be applied for.  We also have a good track record of finding practical solutions to solve EMC failures quickly.

Our in-house EMC, ESD and thermal testing equipment allows us to rapidly evaluate and solve problems before testing in a certified test facility. 


Spectrum analyser provides early design performance feedback


Pre-compliance ESD testing and faulting finding




Environmental Testing: We offer development environmental testing for your products.  We have two chambers available for this, the first is a -70 to 120 C cooling/heating chamber and the second is a +10 to +90 C humidity test chamber.  These chambers are also available for external hire. 


Thermal Testing


Thermal and Humidity testing



Thermal Imaging: We use thermal imaging to identify hot spot on PCBs as well as wiring looms to identify weaknesses in designs ans suggest improvements. In addition to improving reliability we have found thermal imaging a vital tool in the early detection of build or design issues.



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