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Using Altium Designer a complete electronic and embedded system design service is offered. This includes analogue and digital design with consideration for manufacturing, cost, legal requirements, EMC and reliability from the outset.

Our team of engineers are each capable of completing the full product development cycle from initial feasibility discussions through all development phases including transfer to high volume manufacture. In most cases the same engineer or team of engineers will follow each project with no handover between different disciplines such as PCB layout, Software or FPGA development. This means our engineers are free to design and optimise your product across all disciplines. This allows us to achieve better functional performance at a lower development and BoM cost than an approach requiring the integration of domain specialists.

Our skill set and experience is very broad covering many
exciting current technologies such as :
  • Precision analogue products
  • Embedded micro controller products
  • System on FPGA and custom IP development
  • High Speed digital design, HDMI and DVI
  • Industrial control, RS485, DMX, Modbus, Profibus, custom protocals
  • High Speed DSP and Communications
  • High Power LED control
  • TFT, LCD and touch screen GUI
  • Wireless communications, WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth
  • Switch mode power supply design 

Our experience and understanding of full product rapid prototyping allows us to quickly produce representative product samples for engineering evaluation and customer trials.

With many devices now using smaller and smaller die sizes, signal rise and fall times are getting much faster. This makes signal integrity analysis an important design consideration even for relatively low clock speeds.

PCB layout is provided with experience in high density multi layer (up to 12 layers) designs optimised for performance, reliability and manufacturing cost. Altium Designer provides is an excellent tool providing many advanced layout tools that save layout time. 

Altium Designer is used, providing a fully integrated design system for schematic capture of electronics and FPGA IP. This integrated tool allows easy transition to PCB Layout and embedded software design. 

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