FS 598845


As fully trained and equipped up Windows Embedded developers we can build a customer windows embedded solution to meet your project needs. With Windows embedded we can build your own custom version of Microsoft windows including full configuration of drivers and windows components.


In addition windows embedded provides useful features that  are just as useful for desktop, kiosk or conventional fully embedded applications.

Advantages of Windows Embedded :

  • Fully configurable operating system
  • Direct auto start of your application with no visible operating system
  • Real-time kernel ( unlike other Microsoft desktop versions )
  • Advanced data management 
    • Enhanced Write Filter
    • File-Based Write Filter
  • Customisation for target hardware
  • Message Box Default Reply
    • Allowing you to avoid Windows Message popups
  • 'Headless' operation
  • USB Boot
  • Custom Shell Support
  • Branding options
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