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We have extensive experience developing software for embedded systems. We apply object oriented design principles in our design approach at both hardware and software level. This provides you an efficient embedded development service in Assembler , C , C++, Java and embedded Linux.


Developing embedded systems is often a multi-dimensional optimisation problem, managing product functional and non-functional performance. We find our generalist approach allows us to provide better performing products faster.

We often find our 'full product' approach to design shows results during integration of hardware and software elements.

Application areas :

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Control
  • Home Automation
  • Consumer Products
  • Marine Control systems
  • Medical Products

We have developed embedded software on most of the popular embedded devices ( and some less known devices ) from 4 to 32 bit processors . Our specific processor experience includes :

Microprocessor devices :

Intel, Motorola, Philips XA, Microchip, Zilog, STMicro, Atmel, TI, Echelon Neuron

Embedded ASIC or FPGA Core devices :

ARM Cortex 3, TSK3000, Nios II

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