FS 598845


When developing your FPGA based product Canterbury Consulting has access to a large library of IP licensed to or developed by us. This re-use of FPGA IP reduces the size of your development project and can allow us to skip prototype steps to speed your development.


Re-usable IP available :

FPGA Independent IP  :

  • CAN Controller
  • I2C Master Controller
  • Keypad Controller
  • LCD controller
  • Parallel Port Unit
  • PS2 controller
  • Serial Port controller
  • Dual timer
  • Memory controller
  • PWM controller
  • BT656 Video Capture controller
  • I2S Audio Streaming controller
  • VGA controllers, 8 & 16 bit
  • IDE interface
  • IRDA infrared controller
  • a wide range of 8,16 and 32 bit soft and hard processors

If some or all of the functions you require are available as existing IP, then these can be used to reduce the size of your development project. If the IP required for your project is not in our growing library we can either develop the custom IP for the project or search for low cost IP from other sources.

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