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At Canterbury Consulting we have assembled a highly skilled team of electronic product development engineers. We have provided them the most efficient tools and working environments. This enables us to deliver a flexible, reliable and creative outsourced product development service.

It’s not just that we know embedded systems and electronic development, but we focus on design reuse for all aspects of your product. Re-using our IP, software and existing hardware can significantly reduce your time to market and your project's development risk. 

Our services cover the product development cycle from concept to production including compliance and management of production manufacture. This allows some of our customers to use our service as a fully outsourced development department. Others take advantage of selected services to augment their in-house teams or cover busy periods.

Our goal is to be your long term partner and support your designs with cost reduction and solution of compliance and supply issues for the life of the product.

We deliver all IP, work products and intermediate deliverables to our customers during our projects. This allows our customers an honest choice in their outsource supplier. As a result we are proud of the high level of repeat business we enjoy. 


Design re-use has often been a major part of software development. We apply the same principles to hardware and FPGA IP.

As we continually build our library of re-usable hardware, software and IP we find our customers benefit from at least 30% re-use on our projects. This reduces development time and cost but also reduces development risk as design components are pre-qualified by other projects.

On some occasions this approach can lead to reductions in BoM cost as we can leverage larger volumes and purchasing relationships we have built for previous customers.

We do not have 'hardware' engineers or 'software' engineers. Our engineers are multi-skilled covering all aspects of product design. With a full knowledge of all implementation domains we can trade off the relative benefits of differing implementation options to ensure the product provides the best fit to our customer's objectives.

We have designed many products for world-wide sale. Our experience with global EMC, Safety, Export Control, restricted materials and trade zones will help you extend your market with confidence.

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